We perform the following analyses on fuels

Analys Metod
Asphaltenes ASTM D6560/IP143
Ash content, 525ºC SS-EN ISO 6245 mod.
Ash conten, 775ºC SS-EN ISO 6245/ASTM D482
Ash function characteristics
Bacteria / mold Easicult
Benzene content SS-EN 238
Led in gasoline
Refractive index SS-ISO 5661/ASTM D1218
BSW (Sediment and water) SS155156/ASTM D1796
C H N (Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen) ASTM D5291
C H N O (Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen)
Cetane index ASTM D976
Density, areometer SIS 21411
Density, Pyknometer SS-EN ISO 3838
Destillation SS-EN ISO 3405
Cold filter plugging point, CFPP SS-EN 116
Flash point, Abel Pensky SS155123
Flash point, Cleveland SS-ISO 2592
Flash point, Pensky Marten SS-EN ISO 2719/ASTM D93A
Photo dokumentation
Cloud point SS-EN 23015
Potential residue after Oxidation ASTM D873
Potential residue in Gasoline SS-ISO 6246
Hot Filtration Test acc. SMS2696
Hot Filtration Tes ex. SMS2696
Carbon residue, Ramsbottom SS-ISO 4262
Copper corrosion SS-ISO 2160
Silver corrosion
Nitrogen content Kjeldahl
Pour point SS-ISO 3016
Oil content in gasoline DIN 51784
Oxidationsstab. gasoline ASTM D525
Oxidationsstab. diesel fuels ASTM D2274
Oil content in solid fuel samples
Peroxide number ASTM D3703 mod
Sample preparation
Smoke point SS-ISO 3014
Sediment i fuel oil SS-EN ISO 3735
Sulphur content ASTM D4294
Total Acid Number, colourimetric SS-ISO 6618
Total Acid Number, pot (TAN) SS-ISO 6619/ASTM D664
Turbine fuel ash fusion characteristics SS155137
Water content, K Fischer SS-EN ISO 12937
Water content, Xylendestillation SS-ISO 3733
Viscosity, under 20ºC
Viscosity 40ºC, Kinematic SS-ISO 3104
Viscosity 50ºC, Kinematic SS-ISO 3104
Viscosity 80ºC, Kinematic SS-ISO 3104
Viscosity 100ºC, Kinematic beräknat
Viscosity, other temperatures, Kinematic ISO 3104
Heat of combustion, calculated SS155138
Heat of combustion, calorimetric ASTM D240
Xylene equivalent SS155173
Vapour pressure SS-EN 12